Inner Strength Hypnotherapy
Farnham, Surrey.
                                                                                                      Dr Andrea Haas,  BM, Dip Hyp CS, Ad Dip PC,
                                    Forever Business Owner                                                       Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner

Tel: 07770672122

Dr Andrea Haas, BM, DIP HYP CS, Ad DIP PC

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Have you tried various diets and not managed to loose weight? Have you managed to loose weight but each time you reach a certain weight you start struggling and put it all back on? Do you feel frustrated at not being able to loose weight? Do you sometimes feel that your eating is "out of control"?

Hypnotherapy can be a powerful tool in helping to loose weight. 

There is a strong link between  the mind and the body - what goes on in the mind affects the body. There are many emotional issues and negative beliefs surrounding food and weight which prevent a person from loosing weight. There is always a reason why we over eat. Over eating generally, or a specific food such as chocolate may be a way of reducing anxiety, and then it becomes a habit which is difficult to break. Hypnotherapy is able to address these issues and change beliefs to more positive ones to aid weight loss.  It gives you back your control, making you feel more in control of your eating habits, rather than them controlling you. 

Hypnotherapy will only work if you really want to loose weight and are motivated and prepared to face any issues that may be preventing weight loss. You may also need to look at changing areas of your life style, such as eating more healthily and doing more exercise.   Hypnotherapy is able to help you with this, so that weight loss becomes permanent. 

The treatment programme usually consists of 3 -4 sessions at 2 weekly intervals.