Inner Strength Hypnotherapy
Farnham, Surrey.
                                                                                                      Dr Andrea Haas,  BM, Dip Hyp CS, Ad Dip PC,
                                    Forever Business Owner                                                       Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner

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Dr Andrea Haas, BM, DIP HYP CS, Ad DIP PC

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We experience loss throughout our lives, from the moment we are born when we loose the security and warmth of our mother's womb. It may take on many forms from the loss of a loved one, losing a job, losing the ability to play a sport with all the benefits associated with it and divorce, to losing a precious object or even a dream. How we respond to loss often depends on how we responded to loss as a child and the emotions associated with it. Repeated loss, even if it takes shape in a variety of ways, can have an additive affect. The subconscious does not differentiate between the various losses: one loss is much the same as another. 

It takes time to recover from  loss, going through a natural healing process of 5 stages. But sometimes we get stuck at any one of these stages, and this can result in difficulty in sleeping - insomnia,  tiredness, a change in eating habits, anxiety,  and ultimately depression.  A whole host of emotions can be felt - anger, guilt, anxiety, fear. Sometimes these feelings are blocked, or denied. If this happens they will only cause problems at a later date.