Inner Strength Hypnotherapy
Farnham, Surrey.
                                                                                                      Dr Andrea Haas,  BM, Dip Hyp CS, Ad Dip PC,
                                    Forever Business Owner                                                       Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner

Tel: 07770672122

Dr Andrea Haas, BM, DIP HYP CS, Ad DIP PC

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What does hypnotherapy involve? 

     You will be asked to make yourself comfortable, which may be sitting or lying, which ever you prefer. The initial part is to become relaxed by listening to my voice. This is followed by the therapeutic work which again involves simply listening. Sometimes I will ask questions.

Am I in control?  

     You are totally in control throughout the session , and if at any time you wish to come out of hypnosis you will be able to.

Will I be made to do things I don't want to?

      You will never be made to do or make changes that you do not wish to or you do not feel comfortable with. 

Is hypnotherapy harmful?

      Under the guidance of qualified and experienced therapist, hypnotherapy is not harmful.

Are there any side effects? 

      No, there are no side-effects. You may feel tired afterwards, and clients often report sleeping well that night.

Will I notice an immediate improvement? 

      This depends on what is being dealt with. Treating something like self-esteem and confidence may take a while for you to realise things have improved, whereas treating a fear or phobia can be immediate.  

I don't think I can be hypnotised.  

       Everyone can be hypnotised or put in a trance but some people find it easier than others. This is partly because some people find it easier to relax, which is the first step to being hypnotised. Relaxation can be learnt, and if this is the case, the first session is spent on learning how to relax. Another reason for not being able to go into a trance is that it can be blocked. The person simply refuses to let go. 

Is there anything I should or should not do before coming to my session?

       There is nothing that you need do prior to the session. It is advisable not to drink caffeine or alcohol before having hypnotherapy as these act as stimulants and may inhibit relaxation.  Wear something that you feel comfortable in. 

Do you do home visits?

        I will do home visits in exceptional circumstance, for example, severe agoraphobia or anxiety with driving and only within the local area. However, please note, that there will be an additional fee, on top of the session fee, for travel time. 

How many sessions would I need?

  This depends on what is being dealt with. Something like improving confidence for giving a speech, improving sports performance, confidence for a driving test or a simple phobia, may require only one session. But more complex issues, such as loosing weight, depression, cravings and anxiety will need at least 3 sessions. 

How often are the sessions?

       This really depends on how often you are able to come and also finances. It also depends on the issue being dealt with and how quickly you would like to progress. I would never suggest more than one session a week. Progress may still be made if you are only able to come once every 4 weeks. 

Why is the session recorded?

       It is similar to revising for an exam - we need to go over things several times in order to remember it. The subconscious is very similar: in order to make changes the subconscious may need several attempts. So the script is recorded so that you may listen to it at home. However, sometimes just listening to the script once is enough.  Usually, listening to the recording a further two times is enough, over the week following your session. 

Why hasn't hypnotherapy worked?

       There are many reasons for this. If you are not ready to make the changes in your life, then hypnotherapy is unlikely to work. Sometimes on a conscious level we are ready but at a subconscious level we are not. This is particularly so for more complex issues, and why several sessions may be needed to get to the root cause. If a client is only prepared to deal with the conscious problem, but is not prepared to look at what is driving it at a subconscious level, then hypnotherapy is less likely to work, or it works for a while but the old behaviour returns. Often a three- pronged attack is required, and all areas need to be dealt with before change is seen.